Business Analyst Program

NYSE Euronext's Business Analyst Program recruits the highest caliber new talent to inspire fresh ideas and innovation in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment within our global exchange community.

Business Analysts work in one of six strategic business units: U.S. Cash, Equities, Global Listings, Corporate Finance, Global Marketing and Branding, and Global Technologies.

By working closely with Senior Executives, Business Analysts take on advanced responsibilities within respective business units, perform strategic analyses, and acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the financial markets.


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About the Program

Learn to analyze business opportunies, understand the competetive landscape and gain in-depth knowledge of the rapidly transforming securities industry.

Meet Our BAs

View profiles of current Business Analysts in Cash, Derivatives, Technologies, Strategy, Marketing and IT.

Application Process

Requirements and procedures for becoming a NYSE Euronext Business Analyst.

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