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The New York Stock Exchange is the world's largest equities market. When most people think of the "stock market," they think of the New York Stock Exchange. We operate a fair and orderly market that is both high tech and fast moving.

For more than 200 years the NYSE has played a central role in translating America's capital into a variety of goods, services and jobs that have steadily improved the standard of living in the US and contributed to economic growth around the world.

Working at the NYSE is an exciting opportunity for individuals who can deliver the highest standard of ethics, performance, respect and excellence.

The Exchange is also committed to creating and maintaining a culture that fosters an inclusive, diverse workforce and an environment in which every employee has an opportunity to be successful to the full extent of his or her ability.

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Business Analyst Program

An exciting two-year program designed to attract and recruit the highest caliber new talent.

Compensation and Benefits

NYSE Euronext delivers great value through the combination of total cash compensation and a comprehensive benefits program.

The Value of Diversity

NYSE Euronext views diversity as a business imperative, essential to the company's success as a leading global financial marketplace and employer of choice.