Corporate Responsibility

New York Stock Exchange Releases Newest Edition of IPO Guide

New York Stock Exchange Releases Newest Edition of IPO Guide

At NYSE Euronext, corporate responsibility is part of our identity. Encouraging transparency in markets, setting high standards of integrity and governance, and bringing the world’s leading companies together in a collaborative manner are exchange touchstones. We conduct our business ethically and integrate consideration of the impact of our actions on our communities, our people and our planet. We regard improving financial capability as one of the key ways in which we can have a positive impact.

Our Community

We seek to be a good citizen of our local and global communities, and to work with our community of companies to promote corporate responsibility broadly. 

Our People

Our people make our company.  We value our employees and are proud of the work they do, both in business and their communities. 

Our Planet

We conduct our business with our planet in mind.  And we seek to help others who want to do the same.

CR Exchange

Review a blog by NYSE Euronext VP and Head of Corporate Responsibility Michelle Greene.

News and Events

Helping NYSE Euronext Further its Commitment to Sustainability

Evan Fisher, an MBA candidate at Columbia University and a Summer Associate, writes about how he helped reduce the carbon footprint of the organization.

Highlights from the 3rd Annual Corporate Responsibility Forum

Read more about the forum and watch segments featuring leading listed and prospect companies in the corporate responsibility field, finalists for CR Magazine’s 14th Annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens List and thought leaders in the CR field.

NYSE Euronext Celebrated Fourth Annual Financial Capability Week

Read highlights from our 4th Annual Financial Capability Week which aims to raise awareness of the importance of financial fitness and education and shine a spotlight on the many organizations and companies doing good work to address these issues.

Company Spotlight

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Sprint Nextel’s Ambitious Electronics Stewardship