Nonprofit Support

An iconic center of world finance, NYSE Euronext is a unique platform to support and promote the good deeds of charitable organizations, partners and our community of companies.

We frequently donate use of our renowned facilities throughout the world to charitable and educational organizations. In many cases, we provide a venue for worthy organizations’ events. Often we also co-host nonprofit events, providing substantive content and company participation.

Our Opening™ and Closing™ Bells provide visibility to charitable causes that we, and our community of companies, support. Nearly 30 media outlets regularly broadcast live from the NYSE trading floor. Our bell ceremonies are broadcast each day on our Times Square billboard, social media including YouTube and Google, and are often featured in media broadcasts throughout the world. We also host bell ceremonies in Paris and gong ceremonies in Amsterdam.  In 2010 NYSE Euronext hosted 117 bells promoting philanthropic or diversity causes, including those affiliated with our companies.