NYSE Green Initiatives

Over the past year, we began developing a Greenhouse Gas Inventory of emissions generated by our business operations. The inventory will enable us to routinely set goals to reduce these emissions.

The energy required to run our global offices is one of our top sources of emissions. To help reduce our carbon footprint, we focus on operating our facilities in an energy efficient manner and purchase renewable energy when feasible. Several NYSE facilities run on clean renewable electricity. These include 11 Wall St., and the Basildon Data Center. NYSE Euronext has made a commitment towards neutralizing the effect our operations by making investments in green energy through the purchase of renewable energy credits and carbon offset projects.

To stay knowledgeable on innovations, NYSE Euronext feels it is important to participate in the discussion of environmental issues.  We are committed to facilitating conversations between business leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and opinion leaders to share ideas and best practices.

Furthermore, NYSE Euronext will strive to:

  • Raise awareness, encourage participation, and train employees in our corporate-environmental efforts. 
  • Reduce office waste through recycling and ensure that the handling and disposal of waste is done in a safe and responsible manner
  • Increase the use of video-conferencing and other collaboration technologies to reduce unnecessary corporate travel
  • Evaluate opportunities to increase sustainable product sourcing such as the procurement of environmentally preferable paper and other recycled products

Routine internal reviews and revisions of the corporate environmental policy will be conducted to ensure that goals are being met and initiatives are up-to-date.

To internally communicate our environmental beliefs, NYSE Euronext has created a Global Corporate Environmental Policy that outlines our initiatives and future actions for further reducing any potential impacts.  All of our offices across the globe will be made aware of the policy in order to educate and engage our employees of our environmental efforts.